Who we are

The Growth Pool is a Community Interest Company (CIC), owned by our parent charity, The Parenting Project.

We share The Parenting Project’s mission to improve people’s life experiences and outcomes and work together to meet people where they are and offer the most appropriate support.

Whereas The Parenting Project often supports those in crisis, The Growth Pool delivers proactive support designed to maintain and improve wellbeing, working towards less people needing crisis level support in the future.

Any profit surplus to keeping the cogs of The Growth Pool turning, is donated to The Parenting Project to fund the essential mental health and family support work they deliver.

Our Big Why

We are dedicated to normalising the access of wellbeing support.

We want to change the dialogue around mental health, to make it more inclusive: we all have mental health, it’s about everyone. We are dedicated to normalising access to wellbeing support, not only in times of extreme difficulty, but also to help us maintain good day-to-day psychological health.

We exist to provide the safe spaces, resources and support that people need to look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing, helping them build strategies and skills that last a lifetime.

Our Core Values

For us, values are not just inspirational words. They are living, breathing ways of working that shape the way we do things, the way we communicate and how we make decisions.

We are proud to share our parent charity’s five core values. This allows our ethos to align with theirs and creates a consistent approach across the services and support we both deliver

Strengthening Relationships
Persistent Conviction
Openness to Opportunity
Creative Collaboration

Our approach

Throughout all of our work, we have a partnership approach. We work together with you or your organisation to identify needs, tailor programmes and develop bespoke support as required.

Our parent charity

The Parenting Project is a dedicated and dynamic UK registered charity established to empower families.

Since 2008, The Parenting Project has worked alongside families as they strengthen themselves with the support, pathways and tools provided to improve mental health and wellbeing.

The Parenting Project provides Counselling, Family Wellbeing Support, Therapeutic Groups and Parent Mentoring services and has supported over 2,500 families through its Family Wellbeing Pathway. The Parenting Project has 16 years’ experience working with parents and families, including 11 years working with children within the school setting.

If you would like to find out more about our parent charity please visit parentingproject.org.uk